V100's of the 720th MP Battalion
~ 720th Military Police Battalion Reunion Association History Project ~
This Page Last Updated   6 April 2009
18th Bde.
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If you worked or were a crew member on any Battalion V100 and would like to contribute information, personal stories or photographs, regardless of MOS, please contact the History Project Manager via the Email link above.
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~ A Company ~
Pig Power
89GP   720P             A44
18BDE   720P          A45
89GP   720P            A47
18BDE   720P          A50
Lil Joke
89GP   720P             A51
Devils Disciple
89GP   720P             A52
Big Daddy
89GP   720P             A57
Hard Times
18BDE   720P          A59
Trail Boss
89GP   720P             A??
Big Bertha
89GP   720P            A??
Grass Roots
89GP   720P            A??
Grim Reaper
89GP   720P            A??
~ B Company ~
89GP   720P           B44
Mother Murray's Marauders
89GP   720P            B45
This V100 has been restored
89GP            X46 & B46
89GP 720P                B47
Budweiser V
18BDE   720P          B??
~ C Company ~
The Ugly Duck
89GP   720P              C50
Southeast Asian Mounted Police
89GP   720P             C51
89GP   720P              C53
C54 Destroyed In Action
89GP   720P             C54
New C54 Pig Power
89GP   720P             C54
The Godfather
89GP   720P             C56
18 BDE   720P         C57
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
89GP   720P              C57
The Vulture
18BDE   720P           C58
Pabst Blue Ribbon
89GP   720P              C62
Beep Beep YOURAS
89GP   720P            C63
Feeling Groovy
18BDE   720P           C63
89GP   720P              C??
89GP   ????              ???
????   ????              ???
Lil Surfer
89GP   720P              C??
Lil ????
89GP   720P              C??
111106 Hello All, An open invitation: I am currently the proud owner of four V-100's. Two are fully restored, one operational, and one being restored. I am located near Dayton, Ohio, and any members wishing to see these vehicles are very welcomed to contact me. Alan Wise, member of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association  Email awise1@cinci.rr.com
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